Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems

The institute is engaged in fundamental research in many aspects of physical modelling, linear and non-linear, multi-dimensional signal and image processing.

We are developing key innovations in sensor design, manufacture, integration and packaging, autonomous and distributive systems, communication system design and optimisation, tracking, recognition and classification, embedded software and hardware design.

Our research has impact in several key areas, including Medicine and the Life Sciences, Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Transport, Manufacturing and Quality Control, Medicine and Health, Human-Computer Interaction and Communication, Wireless and Wired Communication Networks, Electronics and Microelectronics, Environmental Monitoring and Remote Sensing, Security, Surveillance and Defence.

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The microwave and antenna engineering research cluster of MISEC, Institute of Sensors Signals and Systems in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, was selected to host the inaugural working group and management committee meeting of COST Action ic1301 WiPE: Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics.


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