Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems

The Research Institute of Signals, Sensors and Systems (ISSS) is one of five Research Institutes forming the research infrastructure of the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences (EPS)

With 19 academic members of staff spanning 10 nationalities and 4 fields of expertise, ISSS aims to offer the full portfolio of expertise in the fields of signal and image processing, novel manufacturing technologies, microsystems, microwave engineering, mobile communications systems and autonomous systems. Of particular interest to the ISSS is the design, modelling, simulation, processing of information from and system integration of sensors. The ISSS annual research income was around £3.5M in 2012-2013 (August 2012-July 2013) with around 25 research projects running in parallel, that range from £20K up to £1.5M. Around 90% of all research project have industrial partners covering all sectors of industries such as defence, avionics, oil & gas, microelectronics, printed circuit board manufacturing, space engineering, medical healthcare or food processing. Typical companies includes SMEs such as Merlin Circuit Technology Ltd or Seebyte, middle size companies such as Renishaw plc, Scott MacTaggart up to large scale multinational companies such as Selex or BAe Systems.

More about our research and our links with industry team of astrophysicists, engineers and computer scientists are spearheading research on imaging techniques which will potentially not only unlock secrets from the far reaches of the universe, but also impact modern medicine. For more....


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